Jerry Woodrow Huffman


It is with sincere sadness that I report that WV Trapshooter Jerry Huffman of Williamstown, WV passed away Thursday April 1 2021.

WV Shooters at the 41st Southern Grand American

Currenty there are six shooters from WV competing in the 41st Southern Grand American this week. Fred Dague, Mark Isner, Chuck and Tammy Jackson, Doug Damron, Scott Ross. Doug Damron won Sr. Veteran Winner after carryover in Event 1 PRELIMINARY SINGLES with a 98. EVENT 4 - D BICKNELL SINGLES Chuck Jackson broke 98 and is currently in a carryover for Class A and Fred Dague is in a carryover for EVENT 7 - SINGLES CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP breaking 99 to tie for veteran winner . Congratulations and good luck to all, well done.

Scorched Earth Takes Advanage of Global Warming

Dague and Isner in AZ and Jackson in Florida

Fred Dague and Mark Isner travelled to Tucson last week to compete in the Autumn Grand American and compete they did. Fred shooting twenty five hundred targets breaking 100’s in events 4 & 18 and 200 in event 22 the Singles Championship. In event 3 the Class Doubles breaking 99 for Class A honors and Event 7 Tucson Doubles Championship won Class A with a 96 and 19 more in a shootoff. Fred also won the 25-26.5 yard group in the Tucson Handicap Championship with a 94, the HAA Veteran.

An Interview With Mark Isner 2021 All-American Sub Vet

I sat down with Mark Isner WV’s 2021 All American First Team Sub Veteran to discuss his All American journey.

  Mark learned to shoot at the age of six. His father, Pete, a machinist at Kaiser Aluminum, set up a .22 cal range in their basement in Ripley which consisted of an inch thick steel plate with a one inch bullseye. His dad advised when he could consistently hit the bullseye he would take him hunting.

New Trap Range in WV

There is certainly one thing that is uncommon today, that is to shoot at new trap range. I had the pleasure of shooting at one such range last Wednesday. Pete Landfried has built a trap range on his estate in Kenna, WV called  Scorched Earth Range, although clearly from the photographs posted it’s anything but.

Mark Isner of Ripley, WV Makes First Sub Veteran All American Team


Story coming soon!

Harley Davis Barr of Hundred, WV Passes

Mark Isner Shoots His 100,000th Handicap Target


The 2020 Grand American Moved to Linn Creek, MO

Grand American Relocated for 2020

ATA staff and local officials have been providing information to state officials over the past several weeks concerning the possibility of the 2020 Grand American taking place at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex at Sparta Illinois.  The ATA had asked for a decision by June 15 to allow time for Grand American preparations.

WV Shoot Updates

ATA shooters and friends,

We Want Your Story!

In July of this year, we will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of West Virginia Trapshooting.  Our "100th Celebration"  will be held in Winchester, Virginia at Winchester Gun Club July 8th through July 12th; please consider making plans to attend.

2020 WV State Team Posted

The 2020 WV State Team is posted. Steven Sprout had the high average of all shooters a 94.03 to claim Captain of the First Team. Michael Snyder with a 91.41 is the Second Team Captain. First time Team placements this year were Anthony Sellaro and Collin Hopkins.  Lacy Hockman returns to the WV State Team as the Lady I on the Second Team, as Lacy Effland she was previously on the 2000 WV State Team as a junior.  We're glad to see her return to shooting and shooting she has done, registering 7250 targets last year and 1800 already in the new target year.

West Virginians at the 2019 Grand American

Report from the 2019 Grand American


16 shooters traveled from WV to the Mecca of trapshooting in Sparta for the  120th  Grand American World Championships. First to appear on the leaderboard was Sandy Spencer broke 93 in Event 2 the Trap & Field Handicap for Lady II Third Place.

Mark Isner won 25 -26 Runner-up in Event 5 the Trapshooting USA Handicap with a score of 95.

Jim Schad was in a shoot off for his yardage group for 3rd place in Event 16 President Terry Dean Handicap by Perazzi.

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