2022 WV State Team Announced

 2022 WV State Team 


2022WV State TeamAverage
First Team  
Captain 1Steven Sprout.9390
2Fred Dague .90313
3Michael Snyder .90310
4Darrel Murray.9028
5Russell Lillard.8976
Sub JrMarshall Supanik.8005
Jr Megan Snyder .8795
Lady I Lacy Hockman .8772
Lady II Sandra Spencer.8424
Sub Vet Mark Isner .9271
Vet Robert Harden .9161
Sr Vet Doug Damron .9111
Second Team
Captain 1 Jeremy Keplinger .8795
2Bill King Jr. .8750 
3 Collin Hopkins .8733
4 Donald LaFollette .8682
5 Rusty McHenry   .8465
Sub Jr Ethan Ferris.6855
Sub Vet Todd Sauble .9064
Veteran David Weddle .9050
Sr Vet Gary Holmes .8821

New to the WV State Team this year are three shooters: Rusty McHenry, Ethan Ferris and David Weddle.

Several shooters would have been named but did not fulfill all the requirements listed below. Congratulations to all!

Team requirements are as follows:


Section 1. The all-state teams will consist of two teams. The 1st team: A captain, four team members, a lady 1 and lady 2 , a veteran, a senior veteran, a sub veteran, a junior, a junior gold, and a sub junior (if two or more are in each category) (amended 2018). The 2nd team: A captain, four team members, and all special categories. (ALL SPECIAL CATEGORIES ADDED TO THE SECOND TEAM AMENDMENT JULY 1997)

Section 2. The state ATA delegate shall determine the team from state residents that are qualified and in good standing with the Association and the ATA.

Section 3. Minimum qualifications: (amended 2009) (amended 2016)- registered targets only – does not include registered league targets (amended 2018).

(A) Men & Sub Veteran 1000 16 yard targets, 1000 Handicap, 800 Doubles

(B) Lady 1 & 2, Veteran, Sr. Veteran, Junior, Sub Junior and Jr. Gold 800 16 yard targets,  800 Handicap,  500 Doubles(D)

Shooters are required to shoot the 400 CHAMPIONSHIP TARGETS at the State Shoot to qualify for the State Team (Amendment July 1997)

Section 4. Computations for all around average: 16 yd average + handicap average + doubles average / 3 = all around average. The captain will have the highest average regardless of category, except for Captain of 1st team, special categories will take precedence over regular team member placement. Example: the Veteran with the highest must take his category placement unless he has the highest average then he can choose to be captain or category. Category based on Classification at WV State Shoot.(amended 2016).

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