Ethan Ferris Scores at the Dixie Grand


Ethan competed at the 2021 Dixie Grand brought some serious focus and tried really hard. His hard work paid off with some great scores. He won 8 out of the 10 events he participated in and was runner up in 1 event.

High Over All Sub JR
Robert Dyer Singles Sub Junior Champion (Class Bump from D to C because he shot a 93 and tied with the class winner)
Luke Cowart Handicap Sub Junior Champion
Tyler Honnold Doubles Sub Junior Runner Up
Singles Class Championship Sub Junior Champion (and 50 straight patch and a Class Bump from C to B because he shot a 96 and tied with the class winner)
Carolina Doubles Sub Junior Champion
Foothill Doubles Sub Junior Champion
The Blue Ridge Handicap Sub Junior Champion
The Doubles Class Championship Sub Junior Champion
Caesar Guerini Handicap Championship Sub Junior Champion (and earned 1/2 a yard because he shot a 95 and was the 4th highest score out of 284 shooters)

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