All American Sub Jr. Ethan Ferris


This interview has been a long time in the making, mostly because of every time I see Ethan I’m working on a cashiering system problem. But alas we were able to get together for a time at the World Trapshooting Championships in Sparta, IL during a weather delay when the facility lost power.   From the outset I found Ethan to be a remarkable young person, at only thirteen he speaks on a much more mature level. Ethan actually got started after joining the 4-H for archery and after one competition his coach, seeing something in him, suggested that he try Trapshooting. Attending one of the league nights at Winchester Gun Club he immediately “fell in love with it”. Ethan’s first gun was a 20ga. Tristar purchased from his coach which inconveniently broke during the VA State Shoot, buying the exact same thing again and getting the same result he purchased his first Browning BT-99. His grandmother seeing the need for a combo gun enabling him the shoot doubles presented Ethan with a Browning Citori 725 combo which he now competes with.   Without a place to setup and reload Ethan shoots factory shells, 2 ¾ dram for singles and both shots doubles. His handicap shell use to be a standard 1200 until one night, shooting Annie Oakleys, his coach gave him some AA 1235’s and he was smoking targets from the 27. He bought a flat at the grand and ran 25 in practice from the 23 yard line went out in his next handicap and broke 93, he is hooked. The day after this interview Ethan broke a 97 putting him on the 24 yard line and getting him 3rd place Sub Jr. in the Gibson Ricketts Handicap .   The reason I’m just posting this now is because the All American Team is coming out in a few weeks. When I interviewed him I asked about the All American Team points he has accumulated this year which will put him on the Sub Junior first team (in fact it was 9th). He said he didn’t watch his points because he put too much pressure on himself. It’s not his first time on the All American Team either he made it last year without knowing he was in the running. That was a nice surprise!    Ethan’s most prized trophy is from the 2022 Grand American Challenger Handicap where he broke 96 for Sub Jr third other memorable moments were running 197 straight in the Clay Target Championship and making the Sub. Jr. All American Team.  Other hobbies include reading, a lot, horse judging and topology.  He also has what he refers to as a side hustle business of making and selling pot holders at craft fairs. When I suggested that a thirteen year old would be in the seventh or eighth grade to which he looked at his parents and his Dad replied “you can tell him the truth”. Ethan said “eleventh”. His mother, Kimberly said “he has a good memory” During the power outage he was working on his AP Chemistry course. He has taught himself Old Norse language. Like I said remarkable! I can tell you now that Ethan has earned the 9th spot on the 2024 Sub Junior All American Team. Well Done Ethan!

Ethan has made the WV State Team since he started shooting full time in 2021. This year he shot a total of ten different states and almost 13,000 registered targets. In his short time in the ATA he has 14,750 Singles, 11,100 Handicap and 9,700 Doubles.

His dad Brian volunteered to be the WV AIM Director and has done a terrific job.