Jim Schad Tribute


Shelia Schad asked Nicholas Harden, WVATA Delegate, to speak at Jim’s funeral. I have included his tribute below. Shelia also set up a fund in Jim’s honor for WV youth shooting, The Jim Schad Memorial Fund. We have received to date $2550.00 in lieu of flowers and contributions be used for the WVATA Youth Program. LuAnn Murray has made a beautiful quilt honor the WVATA 100th year to be raffled off at the 100th WV State Shoot in July with proceeds going to Jim’s Memorial Fund. A picture of the quilt and other items are posted in another post. Nick’s Tribute: Jim was an integral part of the West Virginia trapshooting community. Not only in competing, but also volunteering at the shoots he attended.  Jim was the first-person shooters encountered when signing up at a shooting event.  Jim was the Sportsman Gun Club Director from 2004 to 2009 and Secretary for the West Virginia ATA from 2010 to 2018.  More recently, Jim worked vigorously to revitalize the Point Pleasant Gun Club. Because of his efforts, the facility has seen numerous improvements and updates.  Although knowing Jim, I’m confident he would tell us his greatest contribution to trapshooting is the group of youth shooters who now call Point Pleasant Gun Club home.Jim first started shooting when he was a teen in Pennsylvania.  In Jim’s shooting career, he registered 49,725 singles, 37,600 handicap, and 32,950 doubles targets.  During the 22-years Jim devoted to trapshooting, he won numerous accolades and trophies.  In 2015, Jim captured the West Virginia State Sub-Veteran Singles Championship, after shooting a perfect score during the tie breaker event.  Jim was named to the West Virginia trapshooting state team in 2017; 2018, 2019, and 2021.Jim competed in several states including Ohio; North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Jim broke his first 100 straight at the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships in Sparta, Illinois.  His next two 100 straights were achieved during the Buckeye Open at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio.  This achievement is something all shooters strive for, but not everyone attains.As you’ve heard me speak regarding Jim’s accomplishments and contributions to trapshooting, you see his equipment displayed, it is clear Jim had a deep passion for trapshooting and its community.  To honor Jim’s passion, Sheila, Cory, Erin, Brandon, and Meredith established the West Virginia ATA Jim Schad Memorial Fund.  The purpose of this fund will make it possible for youth shooters to participate in trapshooting who otherwise might not be afforded the opportunity.Once the day of shooting was finished, many of us had the pleasure to spend the evening with Jim.  It usually involved a car ride to a restaurant for dinner.  On a personal note, most of those dinners were between my father and Jim.  On the occasions, I was able to go, there was always playful banter between Jim and I over baseball.  If you knew Jim he was a Pittsburg Pirates fan and I was a Cincinnati Reds fan. If you know baseball, there wasn’t much for me to boast about.  The conversation was always plentiful and normally revolved around the days results, past stories, and family. Jim would tell us about the times he got to take his granddaughter to gymnastics, giving rides on his lawnmower, and his families close bond.  When hearing Jim speak about his family, it was evident he shared the same passion for them as he did trapshooting. Jim will be greatly missed. 

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